Thursday, August 18, 2011


last week, i met with the lovely chie, reina and sophia ("so-fye-er" such a pretty name!) 
for a spot of afternoon tea and some shopping. 

shimokitazawa is popular in the evenings for its live (music) houses in the evenings 
but i like it more in the day for its meandering alleys of thrift and zakka stores 
and cute airy little restaurants. 
always a fun thing to do with girlfriends.

the girls are super duper cute and had these adorable summer sandals! 
and our tea cakes came served with miniature chocolate musical notes... 
i was just about to explode from kawaii-ness. 

after desserts, we wandered around the area a little 
and visited chie's favorite stores including the one where i bought this dress. 
and we lost each other in another store filled with little cubes of craft goodies...
it was like an etsy store come alive!!

in a bid to simplify things back home, 
i was trying hard to not bring anything home. 
but was entirely unsuccessful... im a weak girl when it comes to zakka-shopping
i did however score the absolute best thrift find ever!
but it totally warrants a separate post.. :)



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