Thursday, August 25, 2011

the pretties...

few weeks ago, when we received our friends' invite and had major wedding stationery envy.
it was letterpressed, personalized and gorgeous in every way!

the whole set was drool-worthy and impeccably stylish.
it was so them too!
we can't wait to celebrate the day with them!

p.s. we also committed a super social faux pas, our rsvp card was late. (yikes!!) the japanese post office refused to accept the postcard. something about it being not standard size and weight! 


  1. these are so gorgeous!

    just stumbled across your blog, and am now your newest follower :) looking forward to reading more!

  2. U had wonderfully beautiful wedding stationary too!! I kept all of them! :)

  3. Beautiful invite! very elegant and tasteful.

  4. ditto what Yingjie said!! i've seen yours. so its not letter-pressed, but for a DIY jobbie, i thought it looked awesome!!!

    i always thought couples tend to include other ways to RSVP besides snail mail. ah well...... my wedding is on the 18th of november and i have yet to send out my invites!!!! double yikes!!!!! :P

  5. @Yingjie

    thanks honey! im not even sure if i have a complete set of everything! i left singapore in such a hurry!

  6. @trishie

    im not entirely sure but i think its done by an aussie letterpress designer - bespoke! looks like their style! x

  7. @guerrrilla

    its ok! :) unless you're having a destination wedding that requires hotels and flights, as long as everyone knows the date, you can send it as late as 3 week prior! :)

    p.s. we emailed in advance!! but i guess aesthetically... snail mail is prettier than having a website, an email & phone numbers address printed! :)


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