Saturday, August 20, 2011

ode to japanese grapes

when i was a little girl, i was special. i only ate pink and purple candy. i picked out the colors i love and toss out the rest... which frustrates my thrifty mum to no end!! but pink was always strawberry and purple was the yummiest of them all - grape.

but i was always a little disappointed that the fruit does not taste anything like the flavor and thought it was just a whole lot of chemical flavoring. (it really is. but don't tell me!) but this all changed when i found these AWESOME grapes!!

i don't know what type they are but i'll call them japanese grapes. 

they are the bee's knees.
and they taste exactly like the "grape-flavor"!!
the texture is like konnyaku (japanese jello) and its like popping candy but healthier!

have you had them?
next time you see it in your grocery store, 
pick a punnet and tell me you like it! 

p.s. we pop some of them into the freezer 
so we can crunch on them like a icy all day..



  1. oh, are these the ones you pop the flash out from the skin? those are super expensive here. And the fact that it tastes like candy feels a little funny actually.. I start wondering if its real :)

  2. @kennytricia

    YES! that type!! i love them!!

    they're super cheap in summer here. i mean.. relatively cheap!! like 490 yen for a punnet!

  3. Are these better than the kyoho grape variety? The good ones taste like Jap grape candy (mm Little Twin Stars grape candy?)

  4. @Nise en Scène

    they're as good!! :) as we speak, i have some kyoho grapes in the fridge chilling so i can munch on them!!! :)

    seriously why don't they grow in the rest of the world? they are like all kinds of awesome! :)


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