Wednesday, August 17, 2011

life with a little one

im a little sensitive when nosy people probed and wanted to find out if musashi is 
"the pup before the bub". 

i still don't get testing water with a pet. so after you get the pet, if your spouse is not "the ideal parent" then what? do you force them to grow up, leave them or abandon the pet as a failed project? and urm.. maybe im naive but isn't that something you think of before you get married?

but i've come to realize that you do see your partner in a different light.

we've never been closer as a pair 
and our love for this little fur-kid makes us do ridiculously silly things together.
we travel less now, we fly our parents up for pet-sitting
and rush home at a drop of the hat to spend time with him..

i love it that he's the only person that would take pictures of musashi in compromising sleeping position just because its cute.
and he's every bit the responsible parent that keeps track of muu's haircuts, vet appointments, vaccination information as meticulously as his work.
i also love that every morn, they have a man-talk that ends with fist pumps and
"okie muu-beans, im going to work. you're the man. you're going to take care of your mummy right?"
it makes me crumble in a gooey happy mess of sleepiness...

and i love it that our little family goes to bed and wake up in a heap of giggles and cuddles.
and we make more grown-up decisions that's best for all 3 of us.
it makes me think that one day when we are ready to have another little one,
it's going to be pretty darn awesome...

p.s. and yes... muu drools in his sleep! a chip off the old block.


  1. Aww...

    And i was missing muu pics :)

  2. That first picture of Muu - arwwwww
    I think you both will make GREAT parents in any case having see for myself in real life, how you are with him. And heh. Their morning man-chats are quite funny. Kinda miss hearing that pitter patter scamper outside our room.

  3. As you already know, I'm a huge fan of your hubs already! Muu looks mighty adorable, just like his mummy! Miss all three of you <3

  4. muu is too cutesy in the second picture ! aw ! cuteoverload.

  5. That's a cute pic of musashi.

    Thanks for your thank you note. Was my pleasure.

  6. @kennytricia

    i was worried they were getting too overwhelming! :)

  7. @Andrea

    awww thanks hon! that's sweet of you to say! he's back from his haircut. i look like i brought someone else's dog home!! :(

  8. @E. Kay

    awwww... we miss you so very much too! *hugs* i'll pass on the love to daniel!

  9. @wl

    haha thanks!! he comes up with the funniest poses in his sleep! wish you could see him right this second! lol

  10. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    lol! you're the only sweetie that says thanks for thank you notes!! xx

  11. Ditto!

    You might like this article =)

  12. just catching up on your entries...LOVE the Muu pics and your hubby is guys are a great little family!

  13. @Pei

    hey hon! :) have missed reading about you! thanks for the compliments! you're too sweet! xx


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