Sunday, August 7, 2011

inspiration:: color-block airy summer dress

 i know its kinda late in summer (and in the color blocking trend) to be thinking of this... but i've been wearing shorts way too often this summer. time to dress it up a little. 

plus i've been warned that summer goes all the way to september so i still have two months to go! :)

from:: asos

challenge accepted! :) 



  1. I <3 color blocking! I'm hoping this trend will last for a lil while... ;)

  2. @Pamz TT

    i do too! :) it's so easy to dress up that way!

  3. We can still colour block even if the trend goes! ;)

    PS: I have that dress, haha!

  4. @Yi Lian

    for real!? omg! great minds think alike!!!

    good think i've not gotten fabric for it!!! :)


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