Monday, August 15, 2011

in japan:: the yama girl

i love how there is a look for everything in japan!
an office girl look, a goth chick look, a japanese girl on vacation to hawaii look.. 
and the list goes on..
i've just recently discovered the yama girl trend! its old news. quite literally. but the yama gaaru is a new age “mountain girl", fashion-conscious outdoor women who wear cute yet functional mountain skirts, colorful leggings and stylish boots while hiking, camping and communing with nature. 

they definitely stand out in the woods in their riot of colours!!

there are even magazines to help yama girls match their hiking gear! 

  and celebrity blogger, yuri yosumi, who has a hiking line with aigle.

i tried to wrap my head around the colours and i was pretty close to polka dotted tights.. 
but it was not meant to be. 
the neon rain vests gave me a headache just looking at them! 
so i gave up and decided i'd be one of the very few unique black blobs making my way up mount fuji!

maybe i'll think of a little neon pink skirt next time!!



  1. Seiously, i probably need to hike at least 3times a week for me to justify buying kawaii hiking gear! :)

  2. @kennytricia

    and i think not the hiking that's done in singapore. that type (up bukit timah nature reserve) is way tooooo warm! :)



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