Friday, August 5, 2011

... a good kind of mess

this is how my afternoons look like on most days!

today, i worked on a custom order for little girl hair pretties...

so much fun to make that i made a few for not-so-little girls like me...
so much fun wearing it! 
it's like you have a little spark of sunshine with you all day...

been feeling a little slack on the shopfront so i added one extra special set into my store. 
(you can check it out here.)

now im off to make more mess in the kitchen! :)



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  2. Very pretty!! :) like the polka dot background too!!

  3. so pretty that i wish i am a lilttle girl now :X

  4. @ladytricia

    hahah its kinda embarrassing but i wear them still! just like i did when i was little! :) :) :)

  5. I think it will look very pretty worn. I make and wear huge flowers as well. I feel like a little girl playing dress up :D

  6. geez, not to worry, you have a colorful wardrobe to go with, unlike mine - all blacks and whites and neutrals :p

  7. you know, the kate-spade style :D

  8. @ladytricia

    hahaha! :) i deceive you with vacay and fun pictures! my work wardrobe is exclusively black!!


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