Saturday, August 6, 2011

the dog that behaves like a dog...

my mother says this about musashi all the time 真会做狗, loosely translated to mean that he really knows how to behave like a dog. it is kinda weird to say but she means he really knows the way to everyone's heart.

somehow he figured that with me, its all hugs and kisses. and when im mad at anything in the world, he'd run to sit by my side and behaves like an angel. but with daniel, its all about the play-fighting and running around. and no, we do not teach our dog gender stereotypes.. but let me see if i can explain this better...

this is the husband prepping for a run.

muu is all like "oooo... laces! i totally dig your neon laces!"

 "oh! how about we shake hands, dad?"

"you look super good in those shoes, dad.
the colors really pop.
p.s. you know i love running too, right?"

"oh wait. a camera. 
let me give mum a good shot first..."

"back to you, dad. so, what do you think? 
an 8 k run? or a 12 k walk?
i was thinking a 3 k walk then some warm chocolate croissants..."

"bummer.. is that a no?"

of course, by now.... we think we're immune to all his antics. but guess what? his majesty got to ride in my backpack while daddy did his run. of course, he had to ride AHEAD of his dad. he's competitive that way. then he got to come out and join his dad in the warm down. 
and then! chocolate croissants. 

all according to his plan ! :)



  1. owwhh i can't get enough of your dog, he's sooooooooo adorable! what breed is he?

  2. I hope he didn't eat the croissants...chocolate is no good for dogs.

  3. You have such a cute blog! I love the style you have!

  4. Hi zhing
    What backpack do you put mu in when you ride? I wanna bring my pup out when I ride but my bike can't fit a basket .. So pls share your secret :)

  5. @fernoftheforest79

    oh no no.... of course not! :) muu has a strict dog-food only diet. he likes going with us to chococro cos he gets to hang out with us!!

  6. @Janice

    we have a number of dog specific bags that we carry muu in, ranging from his travel bag, sling bags and his customized 'baby' sling.

    his favorite being our crumpler backpack. the base is wide enough for him to snuggle in and when he wants to peek out, he stands on his hindy! :) its perfect for him!

  7. Dogs enjoy the simplest of pleasures. =)

  8. @fernoftheforest79

    they do! :) he's so happy this moment we speak cos his daddy is giving him a comb through! he thinks its a game!! haha!!

    kisses from muu to rusty! :)


  9. i think the 3rd pic is the one that sealed the deal for him :)

  10. @kennytricia

    hahahaha!! :) i think from the first picture daniel was going to say yes already! this little one gets his way all the time!!

  11. Thanks babe... my dog is teeny weeny (teacup yorkie), and i've been looking for backpack small enough so that he's able to peek out when he stands up. If not he'll just be in darkness all the time. hah!

  12. @Janice

    hey hon! for such a tiny dog, maybe a side sling with a strong base would be a better bet! (kinda like the crumpler camera bag styles..)

    or, i carry musashi with this ( he doesn't like this as much cos he doesn't get to squirm around as much but it works really snugly!!


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