Wednesday, August 3, 2011

crafts:: the latest IT bag

taking a short break from vacation recaps 
to introduce our brand new IT bag - 
the muu-bag! :)

we were out together when we spotted the cutest little pet store called barkery! so we thought we pop in and pick up some fancy treats for musashi. and spotted the funniest pet holder but unfortunately not in musashi's size. so i came home and made him a custom-made piece of his own!!

works slung on the arm...

and fits great cross-body!
and when he is running around it looks like a little nifty bodysuit!
uber cute!

i think my mother in law is right! musashi knows when im making something for him! he is really excited when its done and is excited to try it on each time!! i love how supportive he is considering how many crafts have failed!! we're going to give this new carrier a go this weekend!! i don't think its a good long distance solution but great if we want to swing into a store or duck onto the train... 

and as usual, no animals were harmed in this shoot. ;)
im sharing it in some craft parties here.



  1. Like it , such a nice way to carried Muu out, like children carry soft toys out for trip. haha!

  2. haha... muu is so cool abt letting it all hang loose :)

  3. @Boon Siang

    haha! :) that's right! actually that's where we got the idea from! :)

  4. @kennytricia

    he loves attention. he knew that we were taking pictures of him. so he was hamming it up! :)

  5. Oh my dog that is adorable. He looks perplexed, does he like the floating in air experience?

  6. @lindapendante dreams

    he likes being carried that way but he doesn't like the huge flashes and getting his picture taken as much!! i don't blame him.. its a little intimidating!!


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