Wednesday, August 24, 2011

crafts:: chicken stuffed toy

i'd wanted to make musashi a new toy for ages, especially since his old toy screams "my parents can't afford toys for me" but the immense pressure of making something good enough has put that project on hold for a while. so i manned up and made him a chicken. (hah! gettit!)

everyone, meet sanders. sanders, meet everyone.

sanders was a little nervous meeting musashi.

like every self-respecting dog, it started with a little sniffing around the behind.
then he was more excited about the doggie treats "from sanders"
what a bummer...

musashi & sanders - best friends forever (hopefully!) 

excuse me while i go sob in the corner a little.



  1. HAHAHAHA! love the picture with the chicken poop!

  2. @punkychewster

    OMG you got it!! good that someone got it! :) teehee...

  3. @kennytricia

    thanks honey! he loves it! he's napping with sanders this very second! :)

  4. So Bunny has finally RIP???
    Good ol' Bunny... He's suffered for a while now, ahahahaah.

  5. sanders? as in colonel sanders? as in KFC? because if so, waaaaay cute! i shall miss bunnie :(

  6. @Yi Lian

    he has! that poor bunny. he's had a good long life!

  7. @E. Kay

    OMG you totally get out train of thought! (and our lack of creativity in naming things!)


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