Monday, August 1, 2011

about my brothers...

i'll start sharing some vacation pictures from hawaii starting this week! we've been a little lazy on the picture editing front cos lives been busy.. but we're gettin there! :)

the one thing i was really look forward to do this trip was to hang out with my little brothers. its kinda weird to say that about our honeymoon but it's true. we intentionally flew the red-eye right out of work so we'd catch a little bit of our (london) brother before he jets back to school. but to see everyone in one country, even for less than 24 hours, was so worth it. so as i was looking through the pictures, it really got me thinking how lucky i am to have such amazing brothers.

i read this somewhere... 'to the outside world we all grow old, but not to brothers and sisters, we know each other as we always were. we know each other's hearts. we share private family jokes. we remember family fueds and secrets, family griefs and joys, we live outside the touch of time.'

oh how very true! despite being worlds apart, i love how close we still are. we stand by each other defensively through life. i cherish the friendship we have and the ridiculous stories we share. (p.s. i do not remember dressing them as girls THAT often..) but more than ever, i look forward to our future together. as adults, as parents, as mini-families but always as siblings!! 

us in the baby brother's sweet ride. 
and might i just add that if this doesn't say who is the favorite child, i don't know what does. 
i've never owned a convertible in my college days. 
actually, i've never owned a convertible. 

"bye song! see you next year."

i'll share a silly story we laugh about. my brothers talk about having children a lot. a lot more than we do at least... but in their minds, all our kids will all play ball games and run around together. and they'd be a mish-mash of cultures and looks. but they reckon our (me & daniel's) children will be the impeccably dressed ones decked out in expensive gear that can't really hold their ground in the sporting field. haha!! :) i totally see where the impeccably dressed part comes from but surely our genes can't be that athletically challenged!? lol. woolessee! :)

what's your favorite sibling memory!?


  1. Arww you guys are so sweet! Love the closeness and woa!! Sweeeet ride!!
    MMm my sweetest memory with my sissy was us hiding underneath the heavy oak dining table, pretending it was our 'magic tree' and having a picnic with our mini cups etc. Or having Ms Universe pageants with our barbie dolls or having a 'picnic' in our room with umbrellas and towels and 'cooking' with stolen leaves off our mother's fake plant :P Too many sweet memories..

  2. Haha, why athletically challenged?! Wasn't Daniel offended?!?!

    My fave memory has to be us hiding under the dining table, having our fave milo powder mixed with condensed milk. Mum disapproved of it because it's too 'heaty'!

    Wah, I'm sure you baby bro must be quite the heartbreaker!!!

  3. @Andrea

    awww too cute! i wish i had a little sissy to play cooking with too! :)

  4. @Yi Lian

    he was completely offended! i guess they decided based on my lack of athleticism! nothing to do with daniel! :)

    hmmm... milo with condensed milk! we used to eat that too!


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