Friday, July 29, 2011

things i love:: a good cuppa tea

my classes are mostly in the evenings which means that i get the whole day to play. i craft, i read, i shop, i hang out with my girls, i fight with muu and sometimes on particularly luxurious afternoons... 

i lounge around the house..


in my comfiest pjs and a cuppa tea.
of course with my laptop in tow.

i still miss my dainty tea cups back home...
but i make up for it with a whole collection of fancy teas! 
here are a few of my favorites!

 my japanese teas (from left to right):: 
matcha green tea, iced green tea bags, sakura tea from muji
tropical summer japanese tea & yuzu tea

little tin jars:: 
jasmine tea from kolkatta, marie antoinette tea gifted from jenn
strawberry tea from fortnum & mason.

the grains::
corn tea & barley tea

can you tell which one is muu's favorite? he loves barley tea days cos he gets a little treat of boiled barley bits!! he sits in the kitchen watching the pot bubble! its kinda cute.

we love our basic teas too! we always have a bottle of oolong & green tea in the fridge... 

are you a coffee or tea kinda gal??



  1. I'm usually a coffee person. I like mine with just a pinch of sugar and NO CREAM. I'm the same with my tea! When I visited England, I got offered tea ALL THE TIME, but when I told them how I like it, they thought I was strange! :)

  2. Tea! I don't take coffee at all. When you're back, you have to swing by The Studio for a cuppa :) My favorite teas are green tea with brown rice, white teas, earl grey. I prefer the lighter versions versus the black and red teas or those that are too fruity.

  3. Tea!! But i love my occasional caramel latte

    Love the light bulb like container!

  4. @Tina

    i drink mine without anything! i get weird stares all the time too! but i guess whichever way you enjoy it the most, right?

  5. @Andrea

    white teas! :) thats interesting!! i've never really tried a really good one!!

    i'll definitely pop in to have a cuppa tea! *in a crisp british accent!*

  6. @kennytricia

    it was a fancy honey jar! cute huh?

    i love love love my matcha tea latte. and was so disappointed when the starbucks in usa didn't serve it!!

  7. White teas are nice! Don't quite know how to describe it but I think you'll like it! It's not as tannic and strong as the black or red teas. Mmm. Will your mom head up before I see you in Dec?

  8. @Andrea

    yeah in october! she is in ho chi minh this weekend. and so give her a buzz on monday-ish?! :)

  9. i used to drink a lot of coffee, but i am now definitely in the tea camp! i have various kinds of exotic teas as well which make me very happy (or relaxed, or awake, pick one!)...i'm now on the lookout for pretty teacups! i saw ones from T2 in Oz ages ago - giant Turkish-style ones - but couldn't bring myself to spend almost AUS$20/teacup+saucer...sigh.

  10. I Think I'm a bit of an odd ball. I love my daily latte fix and sometimes at night, I'll get the husband to brew some Chinese tea on his fancy tea set! Strange, I know.

  11. @Pei

    i think i know which ones you're referring to! :) my mil got me a lone single orange one that sooo pretty! haha one day i'll finish that collection maybe when im richer! :)

    im actually shocked at the number of tea drinkers. i always thought i was the odd one out!

  12. @Pamz TT

    i love chinese tea too! :) but don't own a fancy tea set!! i wanna see yours!!! :) hee hee...

  13. Oh wow! You've already finished the light bulb honey? Was it yummy?! I'm almost done with my Nina's - it's almost time for a refill! We should check out the store to see what other flavors they have! I imagine it to be this great wonderland of tea :)

  14. @Jen :) I had honey on fluffy toast almost everyday! Hmmm...yes let's go back! Maybe we'd find that yummy sparkling too!!! ;)


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