Tuesday, July 5, 2011

small talk:: the weather..

after living in a few different cities, i can't quite figure out where my loyalties lie. evidently this is a bigger issue than just the weather but let's start with the small stuff. 

i love the tropical weather... the predictability, the fashion, the flipflops and the all-year beach access. but the humidity is a huge bummer!! if you're one of those girls who has perfect hair everyday, good on you. but i turn into a frizz-ball in summer and my hair is perpetually in a messy bun..

thing is, i grew up thinking that one things i really miss is having seasons. four times the wardrobe, knee high boots, leather shoes, winter coats, cute wooly hats and wintry christmas. but having lived through a few winters, and not particularly wild ones at that, im not sure anymore. it takes double the time to get ready and you end up feeling lumpy and fat everyday!! 

doesn't matter how cute you look inside, all you see in pictures are your winter coats.

now question is...
 how can i find a place that's spring and autumn all year round!?
ideas & tips are very much appreciated!!

zhing x


  1. South of France :) Dry (but hot) summer, but lovely mild winter.

  2. Humidity is my enemy too. Since I live in Tampa, I've had to embrace it and go mostly with my natural waves in the summer!

  3. @la chamelle

    wow.. that sounds great!! i'll definitely have to tell daniel about that!!

  4. @Kristin

    haha!! i hear ya!! my hair's all frizzy and fro-like in summer too!! :(

  5. @Anonymous

    good one! we'll have to visit sydney together!! maybe he'll be convinced!

  6. I live in San Diego and I've never lived anywhere with such amazing weather. It's never higher than 85 degrees and typically 70. :)

  7. ;) how's the weather in tokyo at the mo? it's boiling up here in London (had a bit of rain and chilly wind last night) -- but freakishly hot for July!

  8. @Mo

    san diego! never thought of that! thanks so much!!

  9. @la chamelle

    freakishly hot every single day of our lives!!! its so gross. i don't remember singapore being this way!!


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