Thursday, July 28, 2011

place i love:: irving place, tokyo

my girlfriends first brought me there on our of our little "ladies that lunch" outings. but i was completely smitten by this little nugget of a restaurant that i've been back a couple times.

the entrance welcomes you into their little slice of greenery amidst the urban jungle that surrounds it. its a fresh breath of air from the moment you enter. the restaurant sits on the third level on top of an absolutely adorable florist and the adorably stylish adam et rope. i am always intrigued by their great taste in merchandising. i could spend the entire afternoon there wandering around the nooks and corners.

and the restaurant is cosy but chic, you feel like you're welcomed into somebody's den. they restaurant is not huge but somehow spacious and airy, something not common in most japanese restaurants (they like to pack you in tight!!). the lunches i've had were always delicious and on the side, they offer a generous and surprisingly fancy salad buffet!! a fantastic way to spend a lazy afternoons & lounge on the weekends!

oooooo... and did i mention they have a little treehouse perched on a tree? i love the videos they shared on their website on the making of the tree house. its like every little child's dream come true.

when i was little, i always wanted to live in a tree house. then i grew up! :) but going back to irving place kinda reminds me of that little dream.

address:: 4 - 6 - 44 shiroganedai, minato - ku, tokyo
telephone:: + 81 - 3 - 3444 - 2421


  1. @kennytricia impeccably styled isn't it?? The food is pretty yums too!! Xx

  2. oh have you been back there? i've been thinking about their cobb salad :) we should find more places like this!


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