Monday, July 11, 2011

letters from doggie:: thirteen

dear other-dogs-in-the-world,

do you feel inferior to toy poodles & dashchunds? overshadowed by toy-like looks, brains and that adorable bouncy personality? do you occasionally feel neglect, loneliness, loss of sleep? that you lost your puppy-dog charm once you turned 3?

when you're older & bigger-sized, dirtier and prone to tear stains, you really gotta work it harder. and to our china-crested sisters out there, i hear your pain! today, im sharing something im really good at - being adorable. here are some ideas on how to score brownie points with your owners!

1. greet them with kisses each morning.
2. bring them treats (chocs, dirty clothes, your toys.. anything!)
3. let out occasional sighs to remind them you are still there
4. puppy-dog eyes works better than barking.
5. make little cutie snores when nappin'.

and wait for it... this last one is great!!

6. at bedtime, find the snuggliest spot next to your owner and curl up tight.

good luck there!! 



  1. My dog does those little snores - hilarious! My husband calls her 'Granny' LOL. One NOT CUTE AT ALL habit is to pinch my place in bed when I've got up to make morning tea - there's often a bit of growling as I get back in! xxx

  2. @kennytricia
    Right??? N I feel like his evil step mother each time i have to wake both of them up and tuck muu into his own bed..

  3. @Mrs. Exeter

    Haha our muu does that too!! Sigh doggies are so precious!!

  4. what a cutie. can i know what kinda breed is your pup?

  5. The sighing part is so true!!! Makes you feel so awful for leaving him alone.

  6. ooh musashi! you have your daddy wrapped around your little pinky!! =)

  7. @tihtahpahHe's a little Maltese! ;) but we give him the teddy bear cut
    Instead of the show dog cut!


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