Saturday, July 23, 2011

letters from doggie: fourteen

hi everyone,

hope you're having a wonderful week! i've not been writing much because im in doggie heaven!! my folks are home and they're feeling a little guilty for leaving me behind. you should see the awesome toys i received! i also get to snuggle in bed a whole lot, sleep in a/c and chilled carrot all day long! 

so much love!!

here's my last week in pictures! :)

 my grandma came to stay.. 

i can be a goofball at times..

mid-cuddles with grand-pa..

drop me an IM! im on the berry...

uncle teng took his fuzzy furry glamor shot of me...
and wanna see the cutest thing ever?

 aunt andrea got this for our family!! daddy is the running man with the camera, mummy is the sewing lady and im the fuzzy little hairball! 
isn't it perfect!?

so... now i can write little love notes to you with personalized stationery!


  1. Arww I miss you little Muu ('we', plus uncle T)
    You wore the striped tee to match your stylish grandma right? You're such a lucky pooch! Your daddy and mommy missed you very much! I know cos your mommy told me :)
    And glad that you like the stationary set! The white dog isn't as cute as you but that's the closest we could get :P

  2. @Auntie Andrea

    come back soon! :) he's currently mad at us cos we made him take a bath!! haha!! he is hilarious when he is mad too!! xx

  3. I'm aiming for either Tokyo or Nagoya marathon! Muu will come run with me right? :P it's 26.2 miles :D
    Hehehe I've not seen him mad. How is he like?

  4. @Auntie Andrea

    he did part of the imperial palace loop today and is passed out for the WHOLE afternoon! :) hahah!!!

    when he is mad, he's funny! he tries really hard not to wag his tail when we call his name and throws us the evil side-glance a lot! no clue where he learnt that from!!

  5. gosh, muu muu is all coy with grandma in the 1st pic :)

    And thats an awesome stationary set!

  6. @kennytriciaWait till you see him with his granddads!!! Even more coy and snuggley!!nhis tactics are great!!


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