Tuesday, July 5, 2011

inspiration:: summer florals

my friend, chewy, share a little on what motivates her to craft. which got me thinking...
what sparks my creativity.. 
inspiration board is everything in my life. i make digital moodboard for everything in life, weddings, home decor, crafts.. i guess its my version of an excel spreadsheet.

but im old school when it comes to inspiration boards! my inspiration is pinned on a physical fabric covered board, cluttered with good things... necklaces i love, pretty trims and fabric swatches, enamel pins, love notes, vintage measuring tape and pretty pictures i love... at one glance you can see everything i fancy at the moment. 

and this sits right behind my sewing machine.
a direct line of sight.

maybe one day i'll start using my pinterest account but for now, i like it where it is. 

now, where does your inspiration come from??



  1. love mood boards... i can never do a decent one without throwing way too many things in :)

  2. @kennytricia

    that's the whole idea, right!? to see how the many ideas fit together nicely! :)

  3. aww shucks! i got a little mention on your blog! xx

  4. @punkychewster

    haha! you're adorable! thanks for the daily inspiration!


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