Friday, July 22, 2011

diy:: manicure on the fly

 i really wanted to share today... :)  
i found the most perfect nail polish!!

im one of those girls that are very hard on myself when things are not perfect. 
right before our vacation, i had super duper long list of to-dos. but when i had time for one thing and it was between painted nails and cuddling my little muu. 
the choice was obvious. 

but that didn't stop me from feeling like a slob with messed up cuticles. 
and in turn, a bad wife..
i was miserable... and slightly grouchy!!
(and gave the boy a long teary rant about not having enough time in life, everything is such a huge rush, i miss muu, i want perfect hair & nails and vacation sucks...)

but i found this little bottle of love. 
its actually a top coat so it dries super fast! 
i painted two layers and ...

in minutes, i had sparkley pretty nails.

they reminded me a little of my kate spade larabee dot glassware.. :)

and that made me feel a lot better about life. and vacations. and hawaii..
girls are funny people, aren't they?

p.s. they come in silver glitter too!! :)


  1. I have seen it in copper at my Sephora too!


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