Thursday, July 28, 2011

crafts:: sushi costume for dogs

i've been in a little bit of a craft rut. but today i decied to start working on a fun outfit for musashi. our little man has so many outfits he is bursting out of his wardrobe, which is why i've been a little more picky. but this one was sooooo fun to miss! :) 

guess what he is!! :) 

our little tamago (egg) sushi!! :)

not like any of you really want to make a sushi costume. but if you did.. here's the how to! :)  
you can use the same method and resize it for adults, kids, toddlers or other pets..
or you can buy it here!

as usual, my spontaneous crafting is done using scraps i find at home.

trace the shape of a basic doggie-tee using plain white jersey fabric.
seen here is one of my old tops! :) 

i like to make it more fitted so the "egg" would sit firmly on his back

cut (6) pieces yellow felt for top/bottom and sides
sew it.

flip it inside out and stuff it.

im using velcro...
because i think i might make him other types of fish one day!
but you can stitch or hot-glue it if you like.

a belt with black felt.

a dollop of wasabi and a stack of ginger. 

i had to bribe him with some snacks and the promise of a walk...

looking absolutely miserable in his head piece. 


off for walkies!!!
talk to you later, peeps!!

p.s. he loved every second of his walk. everyone wanted to pat him and compliment his outfit. he was just there loving all the attention... lol. linking up to these craft parties! :)



  1. Bwahhahahhaaa bwhahahahhaaa.
    Literally, roll-on-floor-laughing.
    This is my FAVORITE costume. It's so adorable!! when i next go over, I'm putting Muu in this. :P Soo cute! I want to take him home!

  2. @Andrea

    haha this is his current favorite too! he get a lot of attention from everyone when he is in it.

    hence he is taking the "tamago" to bed! :)

  3. MUUMUU! LET'S EAT YOUUUU! Nom nom nom.

    Best costume ever!

    Can you teach us how to make such costumes for adults? So we can make in time to go to Halloween as sushi... Deaf would love that... I wanna be a handroll. Or maybe a golden roll with a prawn head and tail. Competitive much?

  4. so cute!!!! he is such a great model too! :)

  5. hahaha... he looks SO miserable!
    But oh so cute!

  6. @Yi Lian

    i was meant to work on a sushi costume for halloween for deaf a few years ago. but i think she eventually went as an apple! :) haha!!

    but sure.. i can definitely give you ideas!! :) the golden roll with prawn head sounds hilarious! :)

    p.s. belle has to be a california maki. its the only one with enough colours in it! xx

  7. @kennytricia

    he does.. doesn't he?? poor bub!! he's not used to mummy taking pictures. he kept wanting to jump up for a hug and got told off... so hence the face.

    daniel will try take better pictures his weekend!

  8. @miss.t

    awww thanks! he's a good boy but taking pictures of him alone is so difficult!!

  9. awww you are so artistic! it is so cute!

  10. oh my god. that is TOO hilarious! have you taken him outside with his costume?!?! he'll definitely get so much attention! you could probably start selling them here!

  11. this is sooo funny! andy and i had a great laugh!! hehe

  12. @Jen :) haha!! ;) yes!! Took him out and the ladies loved him!! Haha!! ;)

  13. i wanna abduct muu!! so adorable! :P

  14. @chie

    thanks chie! :) im glad he made you guys giggle!! he does that for us too!!

  15. @ladytricia

    hahaha!! :) he's a funny one! i love dressing him up!! if only i am allowed to dress him as a ballerina...

  16. so dang cute! i wish my poochies will let me put a little something on them. but they (especially my daisy-boo) hate having stuff on them

  17. @punkychewster

    i tell you these japanese bred dogs have different DNA! they LOVE getting dressed! even in the dead heat of summer, if muu is naked... he wants to put on a top. and wants to pick it out himself! :) hahah...

    but headpieces are an entirely different thing though!


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