Monday, July 4, 2011

crafts:: an everyday bag & some on fabric shopping...

ikea's fabric department (and hotdogs..) needs no introduction. i don't know anybody above the age of two that doesn't love ikea. they hook you in the minute you can walk with those multicolour ball pens and you're sucked in for life! 

the fabric section has always been fantastic with sensible and rather cute prints priced quite reasonably... and the best part is, like their furniture, they're pretty well-stocked so if you have a print you love and wanna grab more, they'll most likely have it the next time you visit!! but let me tell you what's rad about the japanese ikea fabric department. its completely self-serve!! here's what you do! 

1) choose the fabric
2) cut it on the profesh cutting table
3) place it on the dedicated weighing scale
4) scan the barcode on the fabric
5) AND... tadah a little sticker for your fabric is printed, price, length and all!

it's magic!! 
i love doing that! in fact, i always buy more than i need so i can cut and scan them!

my last purchase.. i love the subtle prints and the colours.
it was used to make a little beach ball some time ago.
but my plan was to sew a tote bag for my mother-in-law who likes roomy light bags with longer straps.

roomy enough for groceries if you can fit the chubby baby in it...

hello, my pumpkin-pies!!
excuse musashi's stink eye. he got bored modelling for his mama...

happy monday, folks!!


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  2. sorry for deleted comment. made a grammar boo-boo

    ooh! i am making one for the MIL too! she needs one for her beach holiday in jamaica!! and i still haven't been to the IKEA here in charlotte. i made a pact with the neighbor to check it out together so i cannot sneakily make a trip on my own... :p

  3. @punkychewster

    jamaica!? your MIL goes to such exciting places!!

    are you the family's resident crafter now!?


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