Saturday, July 30, 2011

at home:: ninja socks

on weekends, i'll sleep in a little. daniel and muu will start their day bright and early, running about doing their own thang. then when they hear me wake up, they with both pounce in bed and give me a tonne of kisses. 

the best way to wake up.

last week, i woke up in the blazing heat of summer, only to see daniel in his wooly socks.

me: baby? are you wearing socks?
the boy: they're ninja socks.
me: huh?
the boy: socks that ninjas wear when they sneak around the house. so they don't make loud noises and wake you up.. 
me: ...

before i continue, i'd like to say that im not at all a scary nor demanding person. i can be a little bit grouchy when im sleepy but i've never shush anyone because their footsteps are loud.  
 at least.. not that i know of.
and of course....

the sticky beak wanted in on the action...

"yes dad... that's more like it.."

we're off to a mid-summer barbie, a family lunch date at somewhere fancy and then catch a little sun at the beach!! fun fun fun!!!

have a smashing weekend, y'all! :)



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