Friday, June 17, 2011

now wearing:: muji espadrilles

im the kinda girl that thinks that one can conquer the world in killer stilettos (and occasionally cute ballet flats) but in japan, i've changed my tune.

there is so much walking when you're out and about! and to make things worse, i have a bicycle that chews up pretty heels (another story for another day. im still upset about that..) the logical solution in summer - flipflops. but i've been out in my flipflops and have gotten stares.. like the kind you get when you wear your shorts inside out. (check and check!) anyway, i thought it was time to look seriously into comfy summer footwear. so i got these...

and before your judge, i do know they are not the trendiest shoes. but i convinced myself that it was something a french girl would do. 
 plus i wasn't going to wear it to cocktail parties.. just when im running errands..
plus they are soooooo comfy...
and the foot breathes...

to justify myself, i was gonna blog about my "least sexy shoes EVER". i thought by admitting it first, it would be alright to wear them out...
but they are so hard to photograph so i tried this..

the classic kawaii bow-legged look. 

the boy::
"honey, can you not stand like that? these shoes are already at a disadvantage".
i quote. 

le sigh.


  1. I'm all for comfy shoes!

    After this mind blowing blister i got from my heels yday, i'm in my most worn and unsexy pair of flats today :(

    Comfy rocks. So wear them like they are the most gorgeous pair on earth :)

  2. To think of it another way.. there is always more "wow" factor when a plain jane is transformed into a stunner.. so there would be more impact when u do where those gorgeous heels! =) ppl wld take notice more! =)

  3. I think those are cute! But I can't even wear stilettos because I am not that cool. :)
    Forget the boy and remember how uber comfortable you will be walking.

  4. These ARE pretty and suit you well - and there's nothing worse than sore feet for ruining you day! Enjoy skipping around! xx

  5. @kennytricia

    love your attitude! do you believe in "biting" your shoe before you wear them??

    i used to do them to my ballet shoes when they are brand new.. but it kinda seems stupid to bite work shoes...

  6. @Yingjie

    haha! meanwhile, i get judged in my "blah" non-stilettos!! i guess there's always a price to pay.

    p.s. rocked the heels this evening AGAIN! :)

  7. @Mo

    thanks mo! :) im not cool in stilettos too... i trip & hobble...

    but im painfully short and can't live without them!! :)

  8. @Mrs. Exeter

    hahah! :) thanks!! :) i will think of you skipping around town!! xx

  9. Omg, I just bought a pair of Muji shoes! Great minds think alike! ;) You know what, it's even MUCH MORE unglamourous than your esparilles - I kid you not. I plan to blog about it too and you'll see what I mean. It's a pair of... clogs.

    And I used to bit this pair of lovely Nine Wests I had (my gay best pal swore by it - the biting that is) but it still bit me and I was left with teethmarks. WTH right. -_-

  10. @Yi Lian

    haha!! :) think we all have to be realistic about heels. they're going to bite regardless!! just a silly dance superstition that sounds completely dumb now! :) :) :)

    YES!! lets share pictures and weep over un-glam but comfy shoes! :)


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