Thursday, June 16, 2011

little reminders...

im a huge advocate of celebrating the small things. little joys like spontaneous burrito-shack dates and a long bicycle rides but truth is, we live in city. and with jobs, errands and in general, life.. its really easy to slip into a rut. when you're finally done with your long work day, all you want to do is plop in front of the computer and read about hugh hefner's latest wedding drama

but this little munchkin sure had other plans..

this says::
"daddy, i missed you sooooo very much today... but you're not looking at me... so im going to just take a whiff of your teeshirt and cry myself to sleep..."

well, he sure knows how to work his way to our hearts. so reluctantly, we put everything down, dressed up and went exploring around our neighbourhood with him... 

and guess what? 
it made everyone feel much better that evening.


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