Tuesday, June 7, 2011

happy birthday, daddycakes!!

its my daddy's birthday today!! and we sent a representative home from london to celebrate with him. but there is nothing i'd like more than to be having dinner with this man this evening. even if it means we're all sweaty and cramped in his favorite teochew porridge joint eating steamed fish... 

dad, we love you so much! even if you tell me secretly that you think that all babies look the same and calling muu your grand-dog is too weird!! :) you light up our life!!

thanks for indulging in all my whims, midnight oreo cookie craving, random ikea hot-dog-delivery runs to my dorm, shopping trips (cos i know you lurrrve shopping sooo much!!)... ooo! how about that time i told you that you had to re-paint the house in the exact shade of yellow so it matches my spur-of-the-moment party theme!? and huge thank you for supporting all our decisions in life, even if it meant it took us further away from you. thanks for making me feel special and empowering me to conquer the world in my own little special way. 

love you papa! :) 

ying, daniel, song, teng & your grand-dog!!


  1. thanks hon.. so obviously daddy's little girl, huh!?

  2. Is Daddy's birthday on the 7th June too? Omg, we share the same birthday!

  3. @samantha-evons

    yes it is! :) now i'll always remember your birthday!! :)


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