Thursday, June 2, 2011

daily cushion challenge:: four

on day four, i made a silhouette felt pillow!

there are a whole bunch of great tutorials out there but it all required a silhouette cutter, fabric paint or freezer paper. but i didn't have either in my house so i sucked it up and came up with my own plan!!

thanks my little burst of inspiration!

so i started by picking a cutie picture. (p.s. he has the best side profile in the family!!) and photoshopped it. then on the home printer, i ran a copy of it and cut out the shape. then traced it on grey felt, which i always have at home. on hindsight, i could have just skipped the entire photoshop process which would have saved about 80% of the time! :)

then i sewed it on my cushion cover and silhouette pillow is done! :) 

my cushion collection is starting to look a little messy with various design elements, colours and styles. so i added little ruffles hoping that this pillow will play nice with number one. im excited to see that all together!!

one more day and counting!! :)


  1. this turned out great :) so cute.

  2. I love love love this one!

    and I thought of you (and your daily cushion challenge!) immediately when I saw this :-

  3. @honey my heart

    thanks. i likes this one for sentimental reasons! :)

  4. @Ruth

    thanks so much! its growing on me.

    i saw that too and it was on my to-do list but my list grew longer than 5 days!! :) its super duper cute huh!? :)


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