Wednesday, June 1, 2011

daily cushion challenge:: three

is it too early to announce that this one of a favorite of them all? i like it cos i got to work my scrap heap down a little but also the most time consuming. when im working on a longer project, i think of someone and this pillow i though of both my mummies! 

i'll share with you why! 

my mama is a huge fan of rosettes! before they became trendy, she had belts & corsages with yoyos. when we met up in vietnam, she gifted me that little orange thing in the right corner, her trusty yoyo-maker! i felt like i was awared a badge of her approval! :)

when my mummy (in-law) visited, i brought here to jiyugaoka to share with her a little bit of what i love... and in one of the many crafty shop, i picked out a few cute rosettes, totally inexpensive but she whispered "you can make it!" i love her quiet vote of confidence, she thinks i can make the world. :)

inspired by this excellent tutorial on design*sponge..

yoyos and bunnies! perfect combi...

up close..

daddybear made muumuu come over to pose with my new craft..

thanks bunnies! you guys are good sport! 

p.s. thanks for a sweet reader who reminded me that forgot to how long this challenge is for! hah! i'll be doing it for (1) work week so two more days to go!! :)



  1. Can't wait to see all the finished products together.=)

  2. fav so far too!

    those yoyos are way cool!

  3. @fernoftheforest79

    fingers crossed it won't look too shabby!

  4. @kennytricia

    hahah!!! :) you and me! we're like style twins!! xx

    p.s. guess what im working on right now??! :)

  5. This cushion is so sweet....I like the photo with musashi...

  6. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    haha i had to bribe him with his cheese treats to pose nicely for me! :)

  7. this is my fave so far but again, you are full of surprises. so maybe i'll like tomorrow's one better, and so on and so forth ;)


  8. @sherl

    thanks sherly! :) i hope tomorrow's will be better too!! i have so many pillows i wanna make!! its going to be hard to pick which one to work on next!!


  9. I am so loving all of your pillow projects!! This one looks absolutely stunning.

  10. @sarah

    thanks sarah! that's very kind of you to say! :)


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