Saturday, June 4, 2011

daily cushion challenge:: a round up

im a little sad that i won't be making a new cushion tomorrow but there are only this many pillows a small little tokyo apartment can accomodate. so it had to stop at some point! :) 

 our cosy corner...

from the left:: the yoyo, the ruffles, the silhouette, the petals and the rosettes. 
and up front the middle... a completion bonus! :) 

a dear friend, tricia, suggested a patchwork pillow! but i didn't have enough scraps to work on one. so i made a patchwork ball using this tute from purl bee! :) 
to help me round up this craft challenge..

teeheee.. get it?? 
ROUND up!! haha!! :)

this is what muumuu thinks of my joke! some dogs...

anyway, thanks for hanging around and reading all week!! hope you had as much fun as i did!!
have a lovely soft and cuddley weekend!



  1. i can't get over how fabulous each of these are!!!! :)

  2. @miss.t

    thanks hon! hmm... what to do next! *twiddle thumbs*

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and being my first to post a link tonight! Love your blog! Keep coming back!

  4. A patchwork ball is way way way way cooler... way to go girl! And the combi looks fantatic!

  5. @kennytricia

    that one is inspired by you! :)

    when you get a machine, make that ok!? its super simple!


  6. @The4Rs

    thanks for visiting! :) its my pleasure!!

    you have an adorable blog! and thanks for organizing the link party!

  7. yay! they're look great together! i went to Michaels today and saw a yoyo maker. Almost bought it to try, but drew in a sharp breath and managed to hold back. that's a project for next time. but a project worth trying!

  8. @punkychewster

    you can do it without the maker as well! just to get started! but the maker makes it always the same size!



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