Thursday, June 23, 2011

crafts:: recycled hoodie towel

im meant to do some spring cleaning today. our little apartment, despite not having lived in here for too long, is completely cluttered!! with a million good things we love which is heartbreaking...

one of the areas to focus on is the dreaded linen closet. home to linen of all colours, mismatched towels, and musashi's ever-growing collection of pet clothes... a complete eyesore!! im making good progress but in my "throw" pile, i noticed this towel::

i've had it for 10 years!! it used to be pink and now its all and faded. 
but i have a problem throwing out fabric. 
i keep and keep hoping that someday i can make cool things from them... 

then i had an ah-hah! moment...

sorry... recycled towels are very flopsie and unsexy to take pictures of...
but i made a hoodie towel! :) 

for this furry one who hates soapy baths!
and hates the hair dryer so much his dad has to fan him manually to dry him up...
i've never seen a more spoilt puppy!!

actually.. its kinda soft and comfy. 
he drifted off in the middle of the shoot. 
i guess it is somewhat like a baby swaddle right!?

"thanks ma! now you can put this towel back into the linen closet!" :)


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  1. Hmm... that towel looks awfully familiar! ;) it's turned out to be really cute hoodie towel! =)

  2. @Yingjie

    its from you!!! (and june?) or just you.. i don't rememeber but it has been a million years, right!?

    sorry i cut it up. it was looking real sad. i didn't even show the discoloured bits...

  3. @kennytricia

    i know right!? i had to sneak that in just cos...

  4. hey no worries abt cutting it up! it's been so long and it's served you well.. now it's being recycled for a good use! =)

    I'm getting awed everyday with ur handiwork!! =) they are all so gorgeous!

  5. @Yingjie

    thanks so much babe! great present that keeps giving!! :)

    p.s. question on commenting.. im trying to upgrade my commenting system. how do you know when i respond to your comment? or do you come back and check!?


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