Wednesday, June 8, 2011

crafts:: miumiu-inspired collar

when our very fashionable visitors were in town, they "styled" muumuu in a miumiu collar. 
and he loved it.

our very dapper little munchkin by yilian...

so when i was about to toss out the scraps after up-cycling daniel's old work shirt in my ruffle pillow project, i had an "ah-hah!" moment! i could make muumuu his own collar!! 

i used a nautical fabric with vintage sail boats and covered the top part of the collar. 
that's it!
it was super simple!! 
our little white collar working bee! :)

its a tad big but he loves wearing it now. he loooves his outfits but in the past week, he gets all warm and sweaty even at home in his casual tee. so this is a happy middle ground. he gets to dress up a little but stay cool. 

in japan, the government came up with "cool biz" campaign to limit the use of a/c in offices this summer. in turn, it means that we're not required to wear a full suit or tie at work. but these days, wearing shirts can get too warm as well. maybe i should make a whole bunch so his daddy can wear it with a tee-shirt to work!! that would be kinda cool, wouldn't it!? 



  1. nice!

    your blog is indeed my little spot of sunshine everyday :)

  2. @kennytricia

    haha! its my sneaky way to post pictures of musashi on the internet everyday! :)

  3. Hehe, he does look very happy with your collar! Little model, that muumuu. :D

  4. @Yi Lian

    he doesn't know the difference between the real thing and mummy-made version!

  5. Hehe, Mummy's one has more love! ;)


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