Friday, June 17, 2011

crafts:: felt hot-air balloon whimsical key holder

in japan, everything in life needs a cosy. that includes books, teapots, computer screens and even toaster ovens. i thought "hmm.. maybe my keys were feeling a little lonely" and so i made this to keep it warm and urm.. cosy. 

did you love "up"? i thought it was brilliant..
that inspired this project!

lonely no more, keys! :) 

i got this idea from zakka sewing. i love buying craft books but i never find the time to make the cute little things i spot in them. 

this book is exceptionally fun and has great instructions and pictures. i'd greatly recommend it for all levels of crafters. and the best part is.. its not in japanese!!

 the concept was from viking key case. 
a cutie but i don't feel strongly about vikings.

pattern from balloon pouch.
up and away! :) 



  1. that's brilliant! does it come with a little button press so the keys don't pop back out? my dad's been looking for one of these (but in leather :P) since his last one fell apart after like 20 years but i've never seen anything like this at street markets / shops!

  2. @la chamelle

    what a brilliant idea!! to put a button!! currently it doesn't fall out cos they're quite snug in the balloon!! but i might add it still!! :)

    you can make one for dad! :) not too hard i think!! :)

  3. TOO CUTE! I should get something like that for myself. Currently my keys are swinging every which way on the keyring, scratching everything in sight.

  4. i've been really inspired by ur crafting.. makes me want to follow suit and make something simliar..maybe something in an owl motif? My keys are alittle bulkier, so not too sure how it'd fit, but Love ur up up and away balloon!!

  5. @Ruth

    you have crafty hands and amazing taste!! you can definitely make one!! :)

  6. @Yingjie

    thanks babe! :) im glad to hear! :) owl sounds cute and so you!

  7. These are so cute! Hot-air balloons are just adorable and so summery!!

  8. @The Gunny Sack

    each time i look at my keys, i think of going on an adventure! :)

  9. Hi, am wondering if you will take in an order to make a keyholder, somewhat like this?

    If so, can I email you?

  10. @Jillian

    certainly! :) drop me an email at littleprojectsinstyle(at)gmail! :) xx

  11. Hi! After reading about your crafts, I got inspired to sew one myself so thanks for the inspiration! You're really good! I don't know how to post the picture of mine up here tho. :/




  13. @Anonymous

    OMG that's brilliant!! :) your choice of colours is so fun and happy!! :)


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