Monday, May 2, 2011

what i wore:: the husband shirt

since my last dress-up post, i've received a few notes from the girlies giving me advice how to expand my wardrobe. and since then, i've followed in their stealthy foot-paths and started exploring the husband's closet. first up, classic white shirt...

it was a tad bit too short (or im a tad bit too old to be wearing something THAT short) as a shirtdress..
so i wore it as a billowy shirt..

a hint of nostalgia, i used to wear shirts this way! :)

a gifted necklace from eunah! i love clustered jewellery..

when we first started going out, i was a little bummed that he doesn't wear cardigans.
y'know? when boyfriend's sweaters were the rage..
so i had to go out and buy myself my own boyfriend sweater for girls. (i felt like a poseur..)
he has these lovely cashmere vests & bowtie collection i can't wait to dig my hands into!!



  1. the mulberry! Ur making me very jealous of the new bag!

  2. @samantha-evons

    its awesome! :) and goes with every outfit!

    getttitttt!!!! xx

  3. all these pics of your mulberry is making me itchy to geddit!

  4. @kennytricia

    its great! and goes with everything.. get it!!! :) :)

  5. haha i was wondering why the necklace looked so familiar!


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