Sunday, May 8, 2011

to my mummies..

 source:: kate spade

we got to spend this special mommy's day with my dear mother in law who flew all the way to hang out with us. we tucked into lovely bowls of ippudo ramen, made coffee ice-cream together and raced with muumuu all the way home, it was a darling weekend...

but one of the downsides to living so far away is not getting to spend days like that my own little mummy, who is the kindest and sweetest lady. we're sending her a sewing machine so she can quilt to her heart's content and heaps of love. i can only hope that one day i'll be as brave and as awesome a mummy as you are! and some little person will love me as much as i love you.

its almost monday!! im super excited!



  1. i shall quote agnes "propagate good genes"! heehee...

  2. @fenzc

    hahahaha!!! that's the funniest ( & prolly most complimentary ) thing anyone has said to me!


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