Sunday, May 22, 2011

summer vacay:: hawaii or seattle??

we are taking a week's vacation this summer but we had a hard time deciding where to go. we knew that we were definitely headed to the usa but we weren't sure where... it was a toss up between hawaii and seattle.

we've been to hawaii multiple times individually but not together. it seems like a awesome place to get away, lounge on the beach and read a book. and sneak in a little maui honeymoon.. and it would be a nice break from the city. and shop. and our family will be on vacation there and i miss our family.

... but we're headed there next year in march and then again in june. so it seemed a little excessive.

seattle is great too. we thought we'd rent a swish car and drive around the westcoast, down to portland (shopping!) and maybe up to the canadian border. take a cruise around the little islands. visit the national park for a hike. my friend just moved there and daniel has family that i've not met. and mum thought it was a good idea to make a trip there to say "hey!" and shop.

but... its a longer flight and we're flying from a city to a city.

we're in two minds. i wished we had two weeks.
what do you think? 


p.s. pictures from chance


  1. Given that you'll be visiting Hawaii twice next year, I'd vote for Seattle AND Portland :) Email me when you are going and I can recommend places in Portland. Seattle has a premium outlet place - NYC is still the best of course but they've a Kate Spade outlet and few others.

  2. Must visit Forks, Washington, scene of Twilight!!!! Or Jessie - equally exciting :) I say visit Seattle - much different city and like you said, you'll already get a good dose of Hawaii next year.

  3. Go Seattle and Portland. Adventurous and exciting. You can save Hawaii for next year XD


    Sleepless in Seattle was such a nice movie i feel in love with the place after that movie :)

  5. fifth vote on seattle. you know the reasons why already. and read up more about the place. even though it seems like just another city, you may find things to do there that's different from the city you live in.

  6. wow!! overwhelming votes for seattle!!

    will you guys still be friends if i chose hawaii? my baby brother just sent me a sweet text and im all gooey inside... (and i miss him)

    you guys understand right?!

    im definitely visiting seattle soon!

  7. what happened to maldives! :P

    - Jerine

  8. @Anonymous

    we're too far from maldives at the moment. by the time we fly in (including transit in singapore) it would cut the vacay short by 4 days! :)

    but definitely will visit it another time!


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