Wednesday, May 11, 2011

shopping:: solo or with friend?

i was having a good ole natter with mum yesterday over coffee & chocolate crossaints... when we got to this topic:: 

is shopping a solo or group sport?

for me, its pretty clear-cut. im definitely a lone shopper... i looove running my fingers through fabric of everything. shoes, clothes, hair pieces.. i like breathing in the scents of the stores and standing back to admire the display and decor. it helps me get into the zone!! its a very personal experience for me but it takes a loooong time! i can't perform under pressure so if i know that the pace of my browsing is holding someone back.

also, i don't really get the dynamics of group shopping. do you browse for yourself? or for the whole team in mind? do you wait to try stuff together? what if you hate something the other person is trying on? what if someone hates something you're trying on but you love? do you buy it now? or come back later in secret.. its too complex.

till today, i can count the number of people i like shopping with on one hand.

with one of them on our huge shopping mecca to NYC.

and one thing that baffles me all the time is shopping with men. i simply don't get it. surely lugging your girl-friend/wife/female companion's shopping bags, purse and pile of new thingmagigs to try can't be your idea of a good afternoon out... i never understood.

when we first started dating, i would tell daniel::

"ok team! you go check out that awesome sport store and the camera store is having a huge sale, then you get yourself a beer on me and.. oh, pick up some black polos for yourself from there. that should take you about one hour. so meet you back here in one. see you. love you. bye!" 

but only after a long time, he finally told me that he doesn't mind shopping with me and i realized that he's quite an good shopping buddy too. he likes giving ideas, and suggestions and being part of my shopping experience! and he'd always encourage me from indulging in myself (unlike the usual husband stereotype!) and its pretty awesome to shop with someone who knows: "so-and-so was spotted sporting the hobo look in nyc week last week, inspired by (insert designer name).." makes me feel like im shopping with a professional stylist!! im still getting used to it slowly but it has been good!

how about you, girlies? how do you like to shop?? 



  1. I usually prefer solo as well, the only exception would be with my sister. it's nice to have friends around sometimes but it does seem less efficient with time spent waiting about (them for me, me for them) or everyone telling you "it's fantastic, you should buy it !" when all you need is some time out to consider.

  2. i've learnt to enjoy shopping on my own.. but i'm in a bad mood would definately love a voice of reason so that i would not end up buyin too much random rubbish that I would not need!

    But like what u've said, there are only a handful of ppl that shopping together is a true joy where u see some items and can think of millions of things that can be done with that one piece... i count u as one of them..

  3. honestly i prefer shopping solo because there's no competition! the only time i prefer with a friend is if they have very different tastes than me :)

  4. Alone! I actually never buy anything when I am with other people because I take a long time to ponder my purchases and don't like to keep them waiting. And the boy is horrible shopping with me. He's like a two year old and can't handle waiting for one second, so I tend to peruse the racks in peace. :)

  5. Definitely solo...

    But the hubs too have great ideas if he is in the mood to give them...

  6. @wl

    im with you 100%! sometimes all i need is some time to think about a purchase before committing!! :)

    but, wish i had a sister to shop with. it would be like a win-win situation! she buys, i get to share.. i buy, she gets to borrow! :)

  7. @Yingjie

    im queen of solo shopping for a million random things that i don't need! :) haha!!! our little apartment looks like we've lived here for years!! *sigh*

  8. @Eva

    thanks for dropping a note! :)

    i hear what you're sayin'!! just someone to give a different opinion or a twist in style!!

  9. @Mo

    thats exactly like my dad! he'd rather stand in the rain outside a store waiting than to be browsing!! i guess thats how i came to the conclusions that boys don't shop!! :)

  10. @kennytricia

    i can see your husband as a good shopping buddy!!

    when we went to NYC, we went crazy! we split up and met back at momofuku with arms FULL of bags (just from lower manhattan!!).. then dropped off with a friend and continued hitting midtown!! craziness!!

  11. i shop alone! i don't like the pressure of, err are you done yet? i'll wait outside the store for you

    or getting calls when i'm in the dressing room to tell me so-and-so is about to leave.

    nope. i fly solo.

    j is very well aware of that and he never offers to go shopping with me UNLESS it's to a thrift store, where he can take a long time browsing all the vintage books. such a nerd. (like me)

  12. @punkychewster

    that's why the two of you are so cute together!! :) :)

    p.s. are you also having problems with blogger comments!? the glitch yesterday ate away a bunch of the comments and one whole post! damn.. and it was a good one!!

  13. Yup - I'm with you. I don't mind browsing and exploring new shops with friends, but the best way to really lay down some dough is by yourself! There's no pressure on time, you don't have to look for anyone but yourself, no worries about friends judging how much you do (or don't) spend, no conflicts with a friend thinking something doesn't look good when you really love it, and best of all.. no living memories of my muffin tops when i try to squeeze into something too small!

  14. @Jen

    OMG babe!! you're hilarious!! xx

  15. hee, i shop alone too! or online :P
    it's just more enjoyable this way, no need to compromise for others, and you can indulge :D

    it's good to have a second opinion, but i guess that only happens when i am on a shoestring budget :P

  16. @ladytricia

    online is awesome too!! and absulutely addictive!


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