Monday, May 9, 2011

a little peek...

after my last whiney post about shopping for lingerie in japan, i decided that i'd give it a chance before i condemn them in their royal frilliness. when i japan, do as the japanese do, right? :) so i did and im loving it!! 

i must admit that i chose the safer designs (no gel pads, no more than 2 prints on each piece and definitely no fur... ) this time round but them fit really prettily and i guess sometimes change is a little good! :) the best part is... the lovely packaging that lingerie in japan comes wrapped in!! sooo adorable!



  1. gosh. the precious packaging reminds me Trader Joe's kettle corn!!!!!!!! i love, love, LOVE the taste and the pretty pastel pink/ blue and white packets.

    Have to say, 'Peach John' is a very peculiar name to flog lingerie. hmmm......

  2. I had a look at their website and everything is so girly... but they seem like they do have some pretty stuff...

    when i was in Seoul, they even had boy girl matching undies... K refused to go anywhere near them cos they were so frilly... well, as for me, i was laughing all the way :)

  3. @guerrrilla'

    haha traders joe kettle corn! :) and yar its kinda weird but peach john is like the "big" thing in japan... they have all the hot models..

  4. @kennytricia

    they are very frilly and girly right? some of them a little TOO much for me! :)

    haha and matching undies are toooo funny! daniel will never agree..


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