Thursday, May 5, 2011

letters from doggie:: ten

dear friends,

im kinda busy hamming up to my grandma. she is a softie and gives real good cuddles. but i'd like to share an important lesson in cause and effect this morning. 

i've learned that if you play too rough with bunny, fluff will burst out from his seams and it will be taken away from you. if you're unlucky, you'll catch mummy on a busy day and she won't be able to fix it for you...

but... if you whine loud enough (its important to match the whining with puppy dog eyes)...

your daddy will pick up the needle and fix it for you. 

that's true love, yo!



  1. omg... so sweet of D to help fix muu muu's rabbit!

  2. @kennytricia

    i know! even though i was dead busy, i had to grab the camera.. it was too sweet!!

  3. aww how do you say no to a face like that? Even I would take up a needle to sew! xx

  4. Dear Mumu, my name is L'nin. I am a drawf hamster. My mom's super great too! Can't say much about my dad, he's pretty absent. I'm calling him on my paw phone later.

  5. @Pamz TT

    that was the look that got him everything in life, more treats, more snuggles even the permission to sleep in our bed! *sigh*

  6. @telmi

    hi L'nin!! nice to meet you! lets play one day!


  7. awww so cute! daniel fixing the bunny! you'll never catch J doing that!


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