Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in saigon:: nha hang hgon

mentioned in a list of hcm eats that andrea passed to me and approved by dad's staff, we decided to give this restaurant a go. nestled in the french quarters, it was less than 10 mins walk from the hotel which we found out only after jumping into a cab and paying what was equivalent to less than a dollar!


it was pretty!!! outdoor dining around trees and an indoor pond under a canopy of fairy lights, you could pick your dinner from the menu (with ample english translation) or you take a walk around the compounds and point to the hawker style stalls at little bits of food that caught your fancy! unfortunately, we were a little uncoordinated and ordered from the menu while my parents did a walkabout and did the latter. so ended up with toooo much food... 

ain't that the case all the time! :)

 all so delicious...

and well presented! 

my favorite of the lot.. shrimp cake friend with sugarcane... then you wrap it in little rice paper spring rolls.. i love play food! :)

i love street food but unfortunately we have the most delicate of tummies. i love telling the story of how daniel had a steak sandwich in the raffles in cambodia, flew back to singapore with the worst case of food poisoning. ever since, street food has been a no-no in our family. so this was great as we could give all the amazing street food a go under fairly sanitized & civilized settings! 

we liked it enough to come back a few days later. and that itself is quite a major feat considering we were only there for 3 nights! ;)

name:: nha hang hgon
address::160 pasteur street
ho chi minh city


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