Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in saigon:: l'apothiquaire

im back in town and it feels like we jumped right back into a puddle. everything in tokyo is yucky and wet and im back in my puffer jacket!! (seriously, tokyo!? dude, its already late may!!) but one of the things major highlights of our trip - daily massages!!

back in our cambodian days, we used to indulge in delicious massages almost everyday! it was ridiculously cheap and pretty decent! with tip, it would amount to 11 USD for a fuss-free massage (!) it was impossible to find such deals in tokyo... so we dream of it every single day!!

on the very last day,  we were walking around our neighbourhood when we spotted one that was very gorgeous! it was classy and chic. i was drawn by their font on their logo. we laughed about it but i think someone with good taste in font can't be too bad at giving massages, right?!

the interior is filled with rows of organic products like lotions, essential oils, hair stuff and body creams. they all smelt luscious! im such a sucker for beauty products with pretty packaging..

from the extensive spa menu, we picked the 75 mins relaxation massage and i had the yummiest lavender blend massage oil. an excellent way to wrap up our little vietnam adventure! wished we found them earlier so we could have gone for a couple's retreat, three and half hour of pure bliss! but i guess that's another reason to go back again, right!? :)

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  1. The spa looks gorgeous! When andy and I travel to south east Asia, massage place is one of our favorite places to go.. It is impossible to find the same deal in japan!

  2. @vivatveritas

    i know!! i miss it sooo much after we moved here!

  3. How very beautiful! Was it expensive?

  4. @Yi Lian

    not at all! i think it was 880000 VND (around 39USD) per hour. thereabouts. plus and minus... you know my calculations are always wrong! :)

  5. I love HCMC despite all the complaints about the air pollution... I know where this spa is exactly but too bad i didnt try it went I was there! Would love to try it when I go back again. :)

  6. @may

    man! the pollution was nothing compared to cambodia!! i guess everything is better compared to cambodia! :)


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