Monday, May 30, 2011

in saigon:: cu chi tunnels

if you have not figured out by now... im really not one for war stories, gory images and anything vaguely related to conflict, blood and death. but this was one of the must-dos when visiting ho chi minh city and everyone else wanted to go. and i love them a lot that much. so i tagged along. 

the tunnels were used during the vietnam war by the viet cong to outsmart the americans. you can read more about the history here.

right at the start of the journey, there was a sample hole for people to climb in! :) my very slim & nimble travel mates were game to give it a go..

 the husband

and suman.

the tour was very hands on and had little demonstrative tools to show everyone the ropes. and we had little taste of the guerrilla's daily meal of tapioca & tea. later, i did go underground for a bit and scurried through the tunnels with the kids. 

and in the short time i was underground, i made a mental not never to complain about the size of our apartment and lack of natural ventilation ever again... :)



  1. haha... i swore it was the worse 10 mins of my life. Don't like walking in a weird posture through that tiny tunnel

  2. @June

    i couldn't imagine how anyone could stay there for more than 2 mins what more 20 years!!

    i guess we're not born to be warriors then! :)


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