Monday, May 23, 2011

in japan:: odaiba

over the weekend, we thought to bring the mummy & munchkin somewhere new. maybe the beach or a pretty old town or to the forest!! but we all slept in and had a lazy long breakfast, leaving us with not much more time. so we packed up the troops and shipped everyone off to odaiba.

testing our revolutionary doggie sling in the subway...

odaiba is huuuggge!! we first went there back in the days for daniel's first tokyo marathon. i don't remember that much of this little island back then because the poor boy was freezing at the end of his run and there were a million people around.. so it was nice to revisit it at a leisurely pace. we popped into venusfort for lunch, a venetian inspired mall which was freakin' huge. 

the first level is dog-friendly so you could walk your dog into the stores. musashi had a great time riding in our shopping carts. but the crazy thing is everyone and their dogs behaved in such a civilized fashion. little children run up to you and ask politely if it was ok to pet your dog. there was no barking, the mall didn't smell like pets and everything was poop-free. i guess there is something to it if all the pets are so well-behaved.

we finished out day in a huge american feast of shrimp & beers at bubba gump and a smidgen of shopping. i don't know about you but weekend mall shopping sucks the life out of me! so even though we had a relatively slow and short day, i was completely pooped by the time we lumbered home.

i wonder how some people do this every weekend!! :)



  1. hey girl! i missed out soooo much on your blogspot!!! awww! i love your blogs on all your updates! love the new apron!! and.... i am so tempted to get the tennis bag! evil. hwahwa!

  2. It looks like a lovely day - your doggie sling is fantastic and he looks so happy there! I wish our shops were dog-friendly, but I'm not sure most dogs in the UK are as well behaved as yours! xxx

  3. @peanut-toes

    come visit often!! :) its fun here!! haha!!

    tennis bags are awesome! i always thought of getting one but didn't get too far with my tennis classes!!

  4. @Mrs. Exeter

    we're really lucky that he is not a barker! but i must agree that tokyo is great for dogs. the number of people breezing into stores with chihuahuas in arm (think paris hilton) is astonishing!!

  5. Hey! What a coincedence! I was in odaiba last weekend too with my in-laws! We went to Venus fort, decks and aqua city:)

  6. @vivatveritas

    really!? :) we could have walked right past you and your cutie family!!


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