Tuesday, May 17, 2011

im feeling cakies today!!

yesterday, we had a picnic in the park with the most amazing food! (thanks jenn!!) she made us mini pizzas, fresh caprese, little gourmet burgers, asparagus wrapped with prosciutto on beautiful platters. possibly the most chic picnic i've been to! :) and little glasses of delicious wine. and as if thats not too decadant on a monday afternoon, we polished off a better half of a creamy soft strawberry cake...


i love my ladies who lunch!

shall we do it again?! xx


  1. That cake looks amazing - sounds like a fabulous picnic - very elegant!

  2. dudette, this is so apt! my birthday is next week. Is it odd that I want to bake my own cake? Except I think I want to add layers of strawberries and make it a strawberry shortcake


  3. @Ann

    yumm!!!! strawberry shortcake sounds awesome!!

    mrs exeter :: spring picnics are best!!


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