Tuesday, May 31, 2011

daily cushion challenge:: two

today's pillow was a super simple "perk up" project that you can use for any of your throw cushions at home. im tempted to do it on our sleeping pillows but it would make interesting patterns on unfortunate sleepface mornings, no?

bunny approves...

these cream brocade pillows were made for me a while ago but i found them a little too boring.. so using this brilliant frayed rosette tutorial from made by mamamonster, i dug out some scraps from the and made a bunch of these rosettes... 

they're so much fun to make but it was a first so i had a falling out with my hot glue gun (and she won..) but i will not be defeated and once this cushion challenge is over, im making more of these for corsages and hairpieces! :) 

if you guys have any ideas or cushion inspiration, feel free to send it my way! 
i still have (3) more days to go!
thanks for reading and have a lovely day!



  1. this is super cute!! nice work! i just discovered your blog and i love it. :)

  2. @miss.t

    thanks for visiting! :) you're too sweet!

    im adding ya blog in my reader too, if you don't mind!

  3. what about a patchwork cushion next?

  4. *guusssh!!!!* soooo niiiiice!!! not being polite, but you are right. it honestly "perks" the heavy, dull, brocade fabric of the cushion.

    it would look amazing on pillowcases. i totally agree. maybe i'm the only one who has 5 pillows on the bed. the one i use to lay my head is always satin. but the top could be anything no? :P

    p.s: how many challenges did you set yourself?? haHaha!! you're too cute

  5. Your pillows are lovely. I've been making quite a few lately too.

    I have subscribed to your blog, I have one at Livejournal under lindapendat, (where you commented on my shabby flower pillow) but I opened a blogger account a few days ago.

    I'm mostly going to post my projects there, I'll be transferring them from Livejournal bit by bit.

  6. @kennytricia

    painfully good idea!! painful cos it will definitely take me more than a day to complete!!

    but lemme google some patchwork patterns tomorrow! :)


  7. @guerrrilla

    *pillow five* we have 3 each and i sometimes steal some of daniel's! :) i've found my match i guess! :)

    p.s. i guess i didn't state that! darnit!! in my mind i was gonna make 5, one for each work day! :)

  8. @lindapendante dreams

    hi there! :) thanks so much! and welcome to blogger. i've recently moved from livejournal here too and it has been great so far! :)

    let me know when you're set up and i'll linky up as well so i can keep admiring your crafts! :) xxx

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