Monday, May 30, 2011

daily cushion challenge:: one

first up, inspired by this flamenco shower curtain from anthropologie and following a tutorial from a little lovely..

i upcycled one of daniel's old work shirts and made this.

 in a cosy spot of sun...
p.s. i really needed a bite of that toast right in the middle of this photoshoot! hah!

buttons closure at the back of the cushion...

ruffles ruffles galore! :) 

this one will be a great piece to lounge on. its truly as fluffy and comfy as it looks!!


  1. you made that pillow case???? faaar out. it looks soooo amazing!!!!! i saw an expensive 'Sheridan' europe pillow cover that was knitted like a jumper.

    winter in Oz....... i thought it would be hella cool (or warm in this case) to have the pillows and sheets feel like a snuggly, comfy warm jumper. re-using an old shirt is genius!! (sustainable too)

    you need 2 shirts though right? :P

  2. nice!

    haha... did D know you were converting one of his shirt into a cushion cover?

    In fact that looked really nice. You should convert more shirts into cushions!


  3. Brilliant babe!!! Did little muu muu lap the ruffles up?

    PS: You make the best toasts!

  4. @guerrrilla

    hmmm a cosy knit pillow in winter is pure bliss! :)

    wow! you're pretty switched on! i used one shirt only but for the ruffles it was a combination of the arms and scraps! :)

  5. @kennytricia

    of course he knew! hahah!! come to think of it.. i do like the fabric of one of his other shirts.. hmm! :)


  6. @Yi Lian

    quite the opposite.. he wanted nothing to do with the new cushion.. he's boring like that! :)

    come back soon and i'll make you toast everyday! :)

  7. tee hee! what a cute idea! i tried to recycle j's shirts once but not so pretty!!!

    here's a lady on livejournal that makes pretty cushions too. thought you could use some ideas

    and i applaud you for this daily cushion challenge. i don't think i have the energy for it. i'm sick after crafting 2 bags today!

  8. @punkychewster

    needed that if not i'll never finish this project!! and it will get shelved like the other 10million projects i wanna work on! :)

    love your giveaway! :)xx

  9. this is amazing! Great job! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  10. @Chef in Training

    hi nikki, thanks for visiting!! will certainly check your blog out!


  11. Lorrie@ The Victorian Rabbit said... wow what a cute site. I have become your newest follower. Please feel free to stop by and visit.

  12. @Lorrie

    hi lorrie, thanks for dropping a note! :)

    i'll definitely come visit the victorian rabbit! have a lovely day!


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