Saturday, May 21, 2011

crafts:: fix

not all crafts are glamourous and fun! i wish it was but sometimes, i mend rips in jeans, hem things, make doggie rolls (to protect my white walls in musashi's bathroom) and sometimes... 

i mend the broken.. time and time again.

it's unbelievable how rough our little man plays with bunny!! we've tried to wean him off bunny on multiple occasions and even brought him toy shopping. squeaky things, balls, ropes, dog treats...nada. 
when he is not with this toy, he whines and pines and sulks.
and we give in all the time..

daniel calls this my best.craft.ever!

p.s. is that a compliment?


  1. The best kind of love is love from a doggy isn't it :)

    They love you no matter and they will love the things you do for them irregardless of the state.

  2. @kennytricia

    yes it is! :) betcha baby lovin' is just as swell! :)



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