Monday, April 18, 2011

sparkley updates & weekend lovelies

hi sweets,

how was your weekend? mine has been filled with sunny day trips, heaps of spring shopping with mummy and good ole doggie time... there has been time for silly youtube videos, hilarious stories from the family, bowls of delicious ramen and beautiful sunset walks in confetti-lined streets... its all good and blissful in the hood.

i've some new crafts up my sleeves & (more) pictures from our spring adventures to share.. be back in a beet! :)


p.s. pictures from lovely indeed


  1. such a pretty pair of sparklies!!

  2. Ok that's it. I'm going to stop moping right away and get crafting. I haven't crafted for weeks...

  3. @kennytricia

    aren't they! think they would brighten up any day just like that!

  4. @Generic Jen B

    yes, do thatt! :) and share pictures online! xx

    its a pretty monday!


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