Wednesday, April 20, 2011

singapore guide:: design*sponge

i was having one of THOSE morning.. then i saw singapore's very own city guide featured on design sponge, written by emily from paper tiger press. (oh... how i needed you 1 year ago!!) it was so nostalgic seeing something familiar & yet so refreshingly well written... and a felt a little tinge of pride. i guess im still a good little singapore at heart.


even though i've not lived there for a while, singapore would always be home. 

each time i return, things would have changed so much! and i'd feel like a complete bumpkin when i suggest places to hang our with my gal pals... but when you're suggesting dining options of places which no longer exist (and in most situations have been replaced by a bigger & better mall) or when you need to consult your mom for trendy stores to check out.... you know that you're in trouble.


in case you're wondering 'zhing... what's with this random assortment of pictures?' 

i really dearly wanted to used something of my own but guess what? i have albums of lovely images of cities around the world but no decent pictures of dear little singapore... outrageous, innit? 

so i'll leave you with some pseudo-artistic shots that daniel took on our wedding day, while i was getting my hair & make up done, in our hotel suite! i guess if your groom so chilled out that he is taking pictures... it means you have a good wedding planner, right? :)

i know its not a huge deal to most people. but im especially thrilled because i've been a design*sponge fan for a gazillion years! and look at the long list of cool places! i guess not that boring a city after all, huh? 

i can't wait to play tourist in my own country when i visit this december!!  
who's on board!



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