Sunday, April 3, 2011

::saturday night blues::

every saturday evening, i get all fussy and grumpy because sunday is a full work day. its a little bummy cos i miss out on so many good things in life. sunday morning pancakes, hanami-parties and family time. the good bit is, my work blues usually lasts till i step into the office then i enjoy most parts of my job, so i guess that's a good compromise.

everyday i try to make work a little more bearable by bending the strict work rules a teeny-weensy bit.. one day, im gonna strut into the office in tie-dyed jammies and everyone will be cool with it. but for starters...

don't you just LOVE my ultra-functional timex watch... nothing screams fashion like a hardy digital watch with plastic straps built for ironman. i nicked this one from the husband. 

and on my feet, completely off the charts in comfort but it made me taller. and taller makes me feel a little smarter and teacher-y. but that's just me.. 

shoe shot fail. 

muumuu & bunny couldn't take their eyes off my killer heels...

i have a tonne of pictures like these that features the following:: an awkward smile, a quarter of my outfit, my chunky camera, an awkward claw and my door hinge... hawwwtt!!!

so i come to you humbly.. can anyone share tips for self-photography?


  1. hi zhing! i absolutely love reading your blog :) may i know what do you work as? i can't imagine going to work on a sunday! ...and great outfit!

  2. Love the outer wrap!
    As for self-photography, I honestly think you are doing great. Also, the point is not having it always picture perfect ;)

  3. @Anonymous

    thanks for visiting and dropping a note! im teaching on weekends!! :)

  4. @Andrea

    thanks babe! still i think there must be an easier way! (maybe a tripod?) i took forever and i can't get over that claw-grip of mine!! :(

  5. love the dress babe...

    everytime i try a shirt dress, i look like i am either swimming in it, or makes me look like i am wearing PJs :(

  6. @kennytricia

    I know exactly what you mean!! I've looked for ages to find this one!! The whole time I was hoping I could just wear Danie's shirt n look cute but noooooo....

    Try a belt to define the waist??


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