Tuesday, April 19, 2011

reads:: all-time favorite children books

when we were little, we'd only get toys once in a blue moon, on special occasions like birthday and christmas but when it came to books.. whatever we wanted, we got! that turned us into little readers with an ginormous library! mum even made little library cards on each book so that we'd remember who we loaned to! :)

last week, we sent a love package over to nagoya bearing gifts for little yoshiki and we thought to include a few of our favorite childhood reads. share a little of our childhood joys. through amazon.jp, we sent:: 

daniel would read 'harry the dirty' dog to us sometimes before bedtime. the dog that likes walks and hates baths. that describes both musashi & harry. to the t. 

im putting together a list of great children reads. what are your favorite?



  1. the giving tree! shel silverstein. i love shel silverstein.

    my childhood favorites were the mr men books and enid blyton!

    tales of long ago by enid blyton was my first introduction to greek mythology! I loved that book!

  2. omg, love the pics of mushashi w the book! Looking at how u are getting along w little M, don't u think u r ready for a little one?


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