Friday, April 8, 2011

letters from doggie:: six

hello everyone!

how have you been this week? its really pretty in tokyo these days! the weather is nice and warm and the cherry blossoms are all blooming!! they're my mummy's favorite flowers so we go on long walks everyday. she'll make some hot tea, pick a nice spot under a tree and cuddle me. she'll stare at the pink flowers and i'll stare at her. and we'll go home both very happy...

today, i wanna tell you the "buddy lee" story. its silly cos he is my teeshirt!

hey, buddy lee!

when mummy first picked me up from the animal shelter, i was wearing buddy lee. he's very worn out, a little tattered and out of shape. then after i was adopted, i was spoilt silly and they got me a whole bunch of new clothes!! but mummy wouldn't throw the ratty old one out. because when i wear buddy lee, i reminded her of the first day she met me. and she would give me a gazillion kisses cos we both got lucky that day.

then one day when mummy was at work, daddy surprised her and did the laundry!! he really meant well but he didn't know that hippie maxi dresses are not colour fast. so poor buddy lee turned a romantic shade of pink. poor daddy... he tried everything! he scrubbed and he soaked. and scrubbed and soaked. but buddy lee was definitely a pinky..

everyone else thought it was funny and i didn't mind a pink shirt. but he was pooped. and very sad. because as it turns out, he too loved buddy lee..

so last week, mummy tracked down the store that carries this collection of pet clothing. and guess what?? she found buddy lee at the outlet mall!! it was in my size too, 20 % off but..... its sized for little dashchunds. so its a little draggy around my butt.

sporting the new buddy! 

so, this explains why i own two of the same tee-shirt, both a little ill-fitting in their own way with the same little cheesy cowboy dude screaming "BUDDY LEE!!". 

more than anything else, im just glad that dad & mum love me the way they do. its a goofy kinda love but its the real stuff, y'know? ok... gotta run and give them late night cuddles!! remember to give the people you love a huge sloppy kiss tonight too!!

peace out, folks!
musashi xx

p.s. dad wants to add that he does house things ALL the time. it was just a mistake. he's really a nice guy and helpful husband. thanks.


  1. @kennytricia

    haha! babe, he should be glad anyone is reading at all! :) xx


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