Wednesday, April 27, 2011

letters from doggie:: nine

dear all,

how's it going? golden week is coming soon and im so excited cos that means more daddy & mummy time!! they're pretty weird these days. in preparation for swimsuit season, they've been waking up early to do "beach body insaniteee!!". this dude keeps yelling for them to "dig deeper" and "hit those punches". they have no clue what it means even but it makes them really tired and sore. and they walk around in pain for the whole day. i wonder why they do it...

meanwhile, do you wanna check out my newest outfit? i know you do!! :)
can you tell who i am?
no.. not a green bean. that's lame.

doh! a little dino in the training..

we're still working on how to be fierce.
taking tips from the tiger mum.
maybe if i stick my tongue out a little?? 


musashi the gooey green monster


  1. You do realise that you seem quite insane when you blog about musashi? :-P :-D xxx

  2. hahah... mushashi looks bored...

  3. btw that insanity thingy looks cool! Does it really work?

  4. I have heard about insanity and it's friggin hard....kudos for starting the program...I'm also on a "regimen" - five months more till the wedding....SCARYYYYYYY!

  5. @kennytricia

    hahaha!! musashi is apathetic. he now knows that resistance is futile! :)

    as for beach body insanity.. if working is defined by soreness of the body, hell yeah! working like a charm.

    but we've only started for 4 days so i can't tell yet!


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